Branding Party! Brand it before you build it, by Branding Compass - 5/16/2018 Angelo's Pizza


May 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Most startups don’t begin with a brand or a branding plan, but if you wait and do it later, it can create extra work. What if you were able to do some quick and easy branding up front BEFORE you build your product or website? You would have a color palette, fonts and imagery to draw from. Your User Experience (UX) could be better from the start.

Join Emily Brackett, founder of Branding Compass, to hear about how you can create your initial brand for less than $300. It may not be the end all be all, but it could be a great start.

Whoever you are, you are welcome, including:

  • an existing startup
  • someone with an idea
  • a friend of a startup
  • someone creative to do things differently
  • someone curious to discover and learn
  • someone determined to make a difference

Startups are a lot of hard work. Let’s get together to make it easier through collaboration.

Bring friends. Spread the word.

Where: 1657 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. FREE Parking is on street or in 2 lots just off Hancock St.

As always, we’ll have time to talk about:

  • What innovative ideas are you working on?
  • Need help with anything? Just want to get some feedback or tell your story to others?

If you are innovative or entrepreneurial, this is the place to come!

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Eric Braun at 781-982-9555,

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Venue: @AngelosCoalFire
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